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Sandy "Robi" Robison
Founder and Defensive Firearm Instructor

Sandy Robison, Owner and Senior Instructor of Robison Tactical - Faith Family Firearms, also known as, Kerygma Firearms Institute.
Born, raised and married in Southern California; attended Cerritos College and served as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for several years. She and her husband later moved to Canyon County, Idaho to raise their family. It was in Idaho she served as a Patrol Officer, Probation Officer and received a "Sheriff's Accommodation" for assisting in the capturing of a known felon. Sandy went on to serve as a Sheriff Deputy, Field Training Officer (FTO)  for newly hired deputies and soon acting Corporal with the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Department.
Sandy is certified through the Nevada Sheriff and Chief's Association and is an approved concealed carry weapons (CCW) Instructor with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD), as well as an approved HR218 LEOSA Firearms Qualification Instructor for retired Federal, State and local law enforcement officers.
Other credentials include; United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) Instructor and National Rifle Association (NRA) Instructor.

Following relocation to our Battle Born State of Nevada in 2003, Sandy continued training and excelling as an Instructor in Defensive Firearm Tactical Pistol, Dignitary Protection, Church Safety and Security with same like minded Christian American Patriots such as; Civilian Arms Training Source and Strategos International, and other American Patriots such as Double Tap Training Center, The United States Concealed Carry Association and The National Rifle Association. Sandy teaches Defensive Tactical Pistol, Close Quarters Combat Protection, Handgun Retention, Safe Shooting Concepts as well as other educational classes.
Sandy is passionate about her relationship with the firearms community. Those who continue their training and skill-set development, as well as those who are new to firearms, agree as well. Sandy vowed long ago to be an Instructor who is dedicated and committed to the success of her students.

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