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Firearm Fundamentals
and Safety Class

We have a unique approach to teaching where every student has their own Range Safety Officer right by their side trained to offer you support, instruction and personal coaching tailored to your needs while on the range. Join us where learning is fun, instruction is easily understood and you are able to focus in a welcoming and comfortable no pressure environment. This class is for every firearm owner, whether new to firearms or a seasoned shooter. Promoting and exercising safety is every firearm owner's responsibility no matter the reasons for owning a pistol, or for how long you've owned a pistol. Become comfortable with a pistol, building confidence while overcoming challenges. Develop your personal skill set in basic steps, learning at your own pace, at your own level.


COST: $85.00 per person

INCLUDES: target, range fee and course completion certificate.

A $15.00 range fee will be collected at the time of class.

Discounted rate for family members.

Plus $15.00 range fee (Range Fee Discounts given to all Military and Law Enforcement (current / former), First Responders, Emergency Room Physicians and Nurses, Truck Drivers and USCCA Members. Identification must be presented. 

CLASSROOM EDUCATION: 3.5 hours in a classroom setting
Learn range safety and range orientation, pistol owner responsibility, universal safety rules, safe pistol handling, learn how to safely take the pistol out of the range bag, how to safely bench your pistol, how to pick up and hold a pistol, what it is suppose to feel like in the hand, learn what a magazine and speed loader are and how to use them; the different ways to rack the slide, what is sight-alignment and sight-picture, the "Dos and the Don't
s" to buying a gun, what is T.P.I. and so much more! 


RANGE APPLICATION: 3 hours out on the range
Apply all that is learned from class out on the range. Including learning the difference between a stoppage versus a malfunction, recognizing a stoppage and how to correct and recover from one, recognizing trigger reset and to apply.


Your personal firearm, 1-2 magazines, minimum 50 rounds of ammunition for DAY 2 - Range Time, speed loader if you have one, eye and ear protection. You can rent our "Gun & Gear Package" ($45.00) if you do not have any of these items. We will provide a pistol, enough ammunition and all the necessary items (see items listed above) for a safe, fun and successful time on the range. 



Our sincere recommendation is to repeat this class. You will only retain so much when you walk out the door. For this reason we encourage students to repeat this class until they feel comfortable and confident to move to the next step. Should your goal be to acquire a Nevada CCW permit, the State of Nevada requires all applicants to take a "gun safety" course. And should your goal be to acquire a Utah CWP, the State of Utah requires all applicants to take a "weapon familiarity" course. No exceptions. With or without a Nevada CCW or a Utah CWP,  you must know the laws. It is a requirement that you demonstrate safety pistol handling and be familiar with law that pertain to the ownership of a pistol. As a responsible pistol owner, knowing your pistol from the inside out and how to pick, hold and shoot is critical. This is why our course is so popular and designed for all pistol owners, whether beginner or season shooter and everyone in between. 

Remember, you can not become comfortable with your pistol without becoming familiar with your pistol first. Then you can become confident as you work toward becoming a more proficient shooter. There are no skipping steps. Consistent education and training must be continual without compromising safety. Safety should always be our first priority. Safety is the very foundation of proper pistol handling. 



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