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Gratitude is a powerful emotion, and because of you, we are overwhelmed with it.

It is a privilege to have had the opportunity to serve you and the sanctuary saints. We look forward to serving you again in the future.

Thank you for everything! 🤲

Sandy & Matt Robison

I have had the blessing to know Matt and Sandy Robison for the last 7 years. They epitomize having a heart for the Lord and his people. They use their gifts and talents to equip God's people to serve as watchmen. The bible says in Proverbs 22:3, "A wise man sees danger and prepares for it." Many people are able to hear the gospel and respond because of their ministry. I thank God for their hearts of passion, service, and excellence. 

Dr. Barry Young

President of Serving Heroes and Pastors 

I wish to convey my utmost thanks to Matt and Sandy for blessing our church with an amazing “course”. I didn’t say “CCW Course” for a reason, because this was so much more than just a CCW course. We held the “Sanctuary Saints” church responders’ course, which includes the CCW component, at our church in February of 2022. I was excited to announce to the congregation during the weeks preceding the course of the importance of security awareness and participation. I was generally aware of what the full course entailed as Matt and Sandy came and spent time with us, going over every aspect of the material and logistics. But I must admit, when all was said and done, the course was more than I ever imagined. To get a biblical understanding of the bearing of weaponry and protection of persons and property was absolutely invaluable. Matt, Sandy and their entire team get a huge hats-off from all of us at Calvary Red Rock! I would highly recommend this course to any individual or group. Being “wise as serpents” is something we must pay close attention to in this challenging days!

Pastor Gregg Seymour

Dear Fellow Church Leaders:

I was impressed with the training I received from Sandy and Matt Robison of Robison Tactical, who conducted my firearm training. They made me feel secure and sure of using my weapon in a safe manner They helped me train for my Concealed Weapon Permit (CCW). They conducted their classes with grace and tact allowing for those who are beginners to become proficient. Sandy and Matt teach many ideas on why security and protection training is needed in a church and the home. Their training classes have shown the reality of 'not' being prepared to protect your congregation and its leaders and how having a plan in place can save many lives.


Their training staff are all knowledgeable and equipped to help with any problem the student may have. I also have witnessed their security training at my church and it is my belief that their training will pay off for any church that may have an assailant attack their congregation or its leaders. During the training I watched them share their faith, using scripture and examples. Sandy and Matt have been friends and church family for many years and it has been my pleasure to know them. I highly recommend their Church Security and Protectors Program for any Pastor or Congregation in order to be prepared for the eventuality of an assault on their premises or church event.



Associate Pastor Jim Burns

Faith - Family - Firearms ..... 

that say's it all! Sandy and Matt are a wonderful couple with a true heart and passion for these much-needed training classes to guard, protect and defend our families as well as places of worship in our ever changing communities. In fact, with the increase of crime as well as attacks against churches, pro-life centers and more, the training Sandy and Matt offer is so essential. They are dedicated to excellence, keep ahead of the curve, and are well acquainted with the times in which we live to provide Top-Level training and best of all, a Biblical foundation with God's Word as front and center. 


The Robison's have been a direct blessing to our ministry as church protectors, in training, and in wise counsel, we absolutely love them. It's truly been my privilege to watch them grow in the 20 years that I've known them, and witness how God has blessed the desires of their hearts. All this to say that I fully trust that you will be enriched, educated, and better prepared to face these days because of the professional training they so thoroughly have to offer. 



Pastor Curt Reed

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