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Nevada CCW | First Time


American's enjoy the right that people of many other countries do not, and that is the right to own firearms legally. With this right comes great responsibility. 


By obtaining a CCW Nevada permit, you can carry a concealed firearm in 31 states. This class is thorough with valuable information and exceeds the minimum standards mandated by law for the permit application process. It is an 8-hour 'minimum' required course through the State of Nevada. Concealed Firearm Permits are valid for a period of 5 years and can be renewed every 5 years thereafter. 


Course Includes: personal instruction in Nevada law, firearm use-safety-storage-ownership, state proficiency exam (Pass/Fail of 70%), state permit application, state approved B27 target for qualification and course completion certificate. You will walk away from this course empowered as a safer and more responsible firearm carrying citizen. 


  • Must own and lawfully possess a firearm. (We will not compromise safety and the seriousness by having gun-rentals).

  • Must have the heart and mindset to understand and to demonstrate the responsibility of firearm ownership.

  • Must have the heart and mindset to understand what it takes to have the confidence to carry concealed in public.

  • Successfully complete a safety course prior to a CCW class, if you are not confident in demonstrating safe gun handling skills.  


Any person who meets the following criteria may apply for a concealed firearm permit:

  • Nevada resident of Clark County.

  • An out-of-state resident who received firearms training in Clark County.

  • 21 years of age or older. (Military Service Personnel under 21 years of age, exceptions apply).

  • Ability to understand and demonstrate safe firearm skills.

  • Pays Nevada State and METRO appropriate fee.

NOTE: If you are not confident in demonstrating safe gun handling skills and would like to take the fundamentals and safety course prior to the CCW class, click HERE

What To Bring To Class:

  • You, a black pen, $15.00 range fee (cash is most appreciated), identification (Nevada Driver's License, etc.), lunch/favorite drink(s) for working lunch. We will not be leaving the classroom for lunch.


What To Bring To The Range:

  • You, your firearm and ammunition: 30-rounds for a semi-automatic and 25-rounds for a revolver, eye and ear protection, close-toed shoes and a hat for brass ricochet. 

Nevada CCW Process:

  • ​Meet the above qualifications.

  • Once you successfully complete the required CCW class, the instructor will go over the permit application in great detail. You will be given the permit application after you successfully passed the required class.

  • Take state permit application to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Headquarters; 400 South Martin Luther King Blvd., Bldg C, Las Vegas, NV 89106; on the corner of S. Martin Luther King Blvd. and Alta Blvd.). They are open 7 days a week, hours vary (closed on most holidays). No need to make an online appointment, but you can if you wish. METRO Telephone: (702) 828-3271


What You Will Need To Take With You:

  • Your CCW permit application (signed by the instructor);

  • Debit/credit cards, cash, money order or cashier’s check for the appropriate fee;

  • Proof of residency (valid driver’s license). If not born in the United States (whether or not a U.S. citizen at the time), proof of citizenship in the form of:

a. Naturalization certificate,

b. Valid U.S. passport,

c. U.S. birth certificate, or

d. Resident alien card

* Photocopies are not be acceptable

  • It's like going to the DMV; take a number, sit and wait to be called, present your completed permit application with identification and pay the fee of $100.25 (subject to change);

  • You must submit your permit application within 1-year of class completion, or the application will become invalid;

  • Your Course Completion Certificate is not necessary to bring to METRO. It is for your records only and to show tangible evidence that you are a serious firearm owner who has successfully met the requirements of a CCW class. We recommend keeping all your certificates to show you are dedicated to consistent education and training should you end up a court of law;

  • Once you pay your fees, you will sit and wait to be called upon to take your colored photo and to be fingerprinted;

  • When being fingerprinted, this is a good opportunity to ask for additional finger print cards if needed. Additional fingerprint cards are an additional small fee;

  • The background check will take up to 120-days. Do not call METRO before this time. When it is 121-days you may call to see what the hold up is;

  • You will receive your CCW permit through the mail. By this time is will already be valid for a few days.

  • Should your permit application be denied, you will receive a denial letter through the mail stating the reasons for the denial. You may challenge the denial.



$95.00 - Initial

Range Fee Discount given to former, current or retired Military and Law Enforcement, as well as current First Responders and USCCA Members. Be sure to indicate when registering. Identification must be presented or emailed prior to your scheduled class.

This course is taught by qualified instructors with outstanding qualifications. This course is a Metropolitan Police Department requirement and does not guarantee a CCW permit, as it is depends upon background investigations. 




The best fight you will ever be in is the fight that you avoided.


Receive FREE USCCA Guide
You can immediately begin learning how to:

  • recognize and respond to danger

  • when you are justified in using deadly force

  • what to say after the police arrive and more.

What States Acknowledge Nevada Concealed Carry Permit?


Red States: I can not carry.

Green States: I can carry.

Yellow States: Yes, I can carry with exceptions.

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