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This course is designed to prepare you to face potential threats that can be encountered at any church anywhere, or at any large gathering or event. This reality-based training will aid students in;

#1 - Developing a culture of awareness.

#2 - Enhance the protectors ability to recognize suspicious behavior.

#3 - Develop conflict management and de-escalation skills.

This type of training will induce a stress response component allowing the student to put their critical decision making skills to the test in order to develop the best outcome while in a controlled environment, so that if faced with an actual threat, the student is mentally prepared to deal with a life-altering challenge and have the capability to make quick decision and respond accordingly. 

In the multiple realistic scenarios, we will be using the very latest option currently available

involving less than lethal force which is geared specifically to provide you with realistic training.


Students who participate will be asked to disclose any physical limitations. Some physical limitations may impact the students ability to take part in this force-on-force training, but the student will still be engaged in the training. A liability waiver form must be completed and safety equipment will be supplied and worn by the students for their protection.  









Registration Is Necessary.


reality based Church Scenario training

Church Host Wanted

       8:00 am to 1:00 pm

$67.50 per person

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