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I had so much fun! I truly enjoyed my private lesson! I was able to practice the fundamentals I learned in your gun safety class. Instructor Matt did a recap of all key safety steps and taught me how to trouble shoot possible mishaps.

Your husband Matt is amazing! Matt’s enthusiasm and thorough instruction caught the attention of people all around us. He is very professional and knowledgeable! And I thought his loving stories about you and your history together made my experience very memorable. I can’t wait for the CCW class on the 19th! I also told your husband that I am interested in learning tactical training in the future. 


Thank you so much for today!

Take care and God Bless!


Malia Tupu

Thank you so much again. Your program is amazing. Thank you for the spiritual uplift also.

Wayne H.


Thank you Sandy, Matt and the team. What a blessing to learn and understand more about responsibility and use of a firearm. There is way more to it than most people think. I would recommend Faith Family Firearms training for all who already own and or are planning to own a firearm. God bless you all and thank you so much for an awesome training and fellowship. 

Penny B.


I wanted to thank you for the great class yesterday. Keith, myself and my sister, Paula really enjoyed the experience.

Patti C.


Thank you all. I learned so much. I can’t wait for another class. Everyone should take these classes. The instructors and the team are honestly the best.

Pam McGowen Abramowitz


What can I say , I’ll start on Day 1 in class training. They had a power point and demonstrations and I was very quiet and soaking it in. I learned more than I thought. Day 2 on range showed it . I have a small firearm and I was having a few issues, but with the help of RSO Rob and Owner Sandy (all the staff for that matter), really helped me with the hands on, no stress. I had not really used a gun in a very long time, so I’m wanting to get back in to shooting for fun and for protection . It makes anyone nervous if you are not 100/% comfortable with a firearm even tho I have grown up with them and I understand the great responsibility you take on from the moment you purchase a firearm. I felt more confident on my Day 2. It was unbelievable. I enjoyed the class and can’t wait to go again. The 'family feeling' they put off you can tell they love and are passionate about what they're doing. I’m so glad I found them after all my research I did. I kept finding my self going back to their web sight and I’m so glad I did. It was meant to be. So many many thanks to the whole team for doing such a amazing job and showing your passion. With out that your students would not pick up the correct way!! Sorry for rambling I’m so amazed by this team and even tho this session has been over for quite a few hours now, I’m still excited about my day out with them!



I want to thank you for an amazing gun safety course. I feel much better about how to properly grip my gun and "rack the slide." My niece is a NY state police officer and I was telling her about my experience. She laughed at me when I explained to her how kind I was treating my weapon, and she, like you, said they are not meant to be soft touched. I also spoke to a retired LEO who is like a brother and he told me that he thought it was great that you took us out in the heat and trained us. He said most incidents don't happen in air conditioned cushy spots. Anyway, I will be back. I want to sign up for your next range day  and your next gun cleaning class. I may even sign up for a private lesson. 

Thanks Again...

Colette M. Bousson 


I want to thank you Matt and the team again for all you did for Mary. She overcame so much and Jessie was instrumental in that. Her anxiety turned to happiness with her achievements. She wants to continue and would like to look at her own firearm now. What a turnaround. I am still interested in bring the 556 to a gun cleaning class when it works and I will also look into the tactical classes for at least me. Thank you all again for a great class and learning experience. 

Rick and Mary. 


Classes are great! If followed correctly you might even handle your gun better than some police officers. Just depends on how far you take your training. Probably one of the safest teachers and most qualified in our state.


Deb Lighthill 

Sandy is knowledgeable, patient and it’s obvious that she really cares about her customer. I have taken three classes so far and am scheduled for more. She makes shooting fun. I especially like that god is a part of every class.


With the general public in panic mode there is something we all should be VERY concerned about. There are 10's of thousands of of new gun owners across our nation and the numbers are growing every day. The majority of these people have had NO training and some have never shot a weapon before!!! This should be of great concern!!! All of us who have had the proper training and years of practice know exactly what I'm talking about. Most new gun owners will brag a bit about a new firearm they have purchased. All of us that know exactly what I'm addressing here must encourage at every opportunity when we encounter these inexperienced people to get the proper training through a licensed and certified trainer.
Here in southern Nevada the best trainers are Matt and Sandy Robison with Robison Tactical...Faith Family Firearms at
702-308-3942. They can train you all the way from a first time owner to advanced tactical training. If your going to own a gun this is a huge responsibility that must be taken seriously. STAY SAFE OUT THERE!!! 

Maikaio P. LV NV

It took me years to seek out my CCW and I truly believe that God allows things to happen for a reason and often we don't understand or know the reasons why. I can say with 99% certainty (cause there's always that 1% chance I could be wrong) that it took me so long because God was waiting for me to find Robison Tactical. I'm a God fearing person. I'm a true American and love this country and after finding, reading and meeting the staff at RT, I could tell they share the same values. Robison Tactical, hands down, is awesome. Sandra and Matt, along with their staff were so professional and friendly and it doesn't matter if you have zero gun experience or experienced, they make you feel comfortable, answer any questions you have and explain their training in detail. They both share the best sense of humor and will guarantee to make you laugh (and think) during their gun situation role playing. I had the best time. Learned a lot. Met great people and overall had a GREAT experience both in class and at the range. I wish I could remember all of the names of their staff because they too are awesome and deserve just as much recognition. If you are looking for a place to take your CCW I would HIGHLY recommend you seek them out. You will NOT be disappointed. Thank you Matt, Sandra and staff. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! Looking forward to taking additional training courses with you.

Kathleen R. LV, NV 12/08/2019

You need to train and knowledge is the key. Sandy Robison is a great trainer and the knowledge you get from her class is a matter of saving you and your loved ones. Her class that my wife and I took, excel in firearm handling to gun safety to gun cleaning to range time applying what we learned, with update laws and tactics. Female and family friendly with hands-on training. 

Richard Shade - LV, NV

For the best firearm training in Las Vegas, NV contact Sandy Robison with Robison Tactical. You'll be glad you did.
James Howard - LV, NV

Extremely safety conscious and trainers meet you at your level of experience. Gun Safety and Firearm Fundamentals was a great class.

- Andrea L. Boise, ID

I just finished taking the initial 8 hour CCW class put on by the owners Sandra and Matt Robinson. Great class and highly informative. I would highly recommend. This coming from a retired Federal Agent.

- John S.

I was a total novice on firearms.  I realized that I could not continue to stay uneducated about firearms and safety knowledge.  I took a free training class offered by Nevada Firearms Coalition back in April 2017 and Sandy was the instructor for my class.  I was very impressed by Sandy's knowledge on not only firearms but also safety related techniques. I decided to schedule private training with Sandy in August.  I truly learned a great deal from Sandy! I will take more lessons from her. I highly recommend Sandy to anyone who wants to learn more about firearms and techniques related to its safety.

- GM. 08/30/2017

Robinson Tactical - Faith Family Firearms, is a really professional organization.  I recently qualified on their HR 218 course of fire. They are very proactive in firearms safety and progressive in their approach to current techniques.  They ensure that you get exposure to unexpected issues that arise when handling your firearms.  These are critical when considering an unexpected situation you might find yourself in involving your life.


As instructors, they are tactically and technically very proficient. 

Bill Leitner, 

Ret. LEO

Absolutely LOVED taking this course! with Instructors Sandy and Matt. Their team were exactly what I needed to get more comfortable with my firearm!! Their love of JESUS comes through as they train others about the importance of SAFETY at all times when handling a gun!! I will definitely continue my training with them!!

- Ray and Sonja Anzevino

Thank you for last Private Instruction Saturday and Thursday. I finally felt "training" kicking in. However, I have a ways to go, but I made progress and I am so blessed by you Sandy, and Matt for helping me. I need to continue to become familiar with my weapon. I also need consistent practice. I never do anything half way, ever. I just wanted to thank you both. You put your heart and soul into building CHRIST'S army. Thank you! 

- Lisa H.

My experience contacting Robison Tactical was easy and very timely. I have a handicap issue and they have provided everything necessary for me to get this done. Thanks. I look forward to the CCW Renewal Class in the future. 

 - Bob Penton



I think that your class went really well. Comparing by experience of being in the class in August 2019, and now as a church host and watching from the side lines, I didn’t see too many changes. I did however notice that you guys ran short on time, but I think this was due to the USCCA guy coming and giving a short presentation, which I thought was a great addition. I did not experience that when I took the class a few months ago. However, I really glad you guys added it. Also I liked the addition of the break-in video. I believe that put everyone in the mindset that something can happen at any time and even in their own home. I heard it made other people think how their home defense is set up and showed them areas of weakness. Overall, the class was informative, educating, and provided practical reasons as to why people should conceal carry. I am grateful for what Robison Tactical does for our community and we look forward to more partnerships in the future.  Thanks Guys!


Chuck Williams
Connection and Care Pastor
Life Baptist Church

Absolutely amazing instructors! I loved learning about this from a biblical perspective & am looking forward to continuing my training.

- Leneeh Jones Harris

Matt and Sandy were wonderful with the class work and I love their Faith in Christ Jesus which made for such a wonderful training day. I will most definitely be training with yall again.

- Troy Pollard

I took Sandy and Matt’s NV CCW For Church Protectors training class (August 3, 2019). Their class is very detailed and very understandable. Coming to class has help me understand more, gave me knowledge about gun laws and a different perspective of owning a gun and traveling in different states and how to be safe with a gun. Coming to class I thought I had already knew everything, but going to Sandy and Matt’s class gave me more ideas and knowledge of what to do and also what to expect. They have taught me so much more than I thought I knew. I will totally recommend any of their classes. They are not only teaching you about Nevada gun laws, but they also treat you like their own family. You come clueless before the class, but you will leave with great knowledge and a wealth of information.

- Timothy Justice Rivera

First and foremost I wanted to say thank you for the amazing service you and your husband provided to everyone yesterday. Your class was very thorough and contained a lot of information which the other CCW classes I have taken did not. I feel more prepared as a shooter by yesterdays activities.

~ Brooks Parnell – Campus Pastor NW Life Baptist Church

I agree with Charyn Flores. The Gun Safety and Firearm Fundamentals 101 Workshop was a good class. Very informative and helps with comfort level.

~ Wendy Jay

The Gun Safety and Firearm Fundamentals 101 Workshop was a blast and very informative. Great class for all females to take and should repeat. Thanks again Sandy Robison.

~ Charyn Flores

Just completed the Fundamentals of Firearms for Female class. It was the first time I've handled a firearm as an adult. Sandy and her team were professional and very patient with me and all the ladies. I thoroughly enjoyed both the class and the range time and felt very comfortable handling the firearm. Thank-you Robison Tactical Team!

~ Nancy Funk 

I've had 2 classes with Robison Tactical and each time I have come away with so much education! They are so knowledgable and friendly. I have already signed up for another class.

~ Carla Romero ❤

This is great. We need more protectors in churches.

Jameson DeVargas

Robison Tactical is THE BEST! One Saturday, my fiance and I, along with several members of our church, Life Baptist, and other    representatives of area churches, took the NV CCW For Church Protectors Training Course. The owners, Sandy and Matt and their great staff of Instructors and Range Safety Officer's, gave a wonderful presentation. The class was great because they took the time to fully explain, and had the patients to fully answer each and every one of our questions. They made sure that no one left was left behind. Our class was informed or satisfied. Sandy, Matt and their team are true professionals. Friendly, courteous, caring and very informative. When we arrived at the gun range for our pistol qualification, SAFETY was their number one concern. Many of us felt a little nervous, but their team made us feel totally safe and comfortable. I have taken other such courses from other companies and I must say, ROBISON TACTICAL RISES FAR ABOVE ALL OTHERS! Why? Because they LOVE what they do. They are men and women of faith in GOD. They are highly professional. They care. But most of all, you leave them knowing that you made many new lifelong friends.

- Rudy Clai

We recommend this for anyone who needs this type of training. Safety is the #1 concern. Anyone can go at their own pace. It is peaceful and respectful. God/Jesus through our church guided us this way. The education and self awareness is worth it alone. We know have ways to defend ourselves if a predator shows up unannounced.

Thank you to Robison Tactical - Faith Family Firearms!!!

~ xoxo

The Robison Tactical Team are a blessing to the body of Christ! I thoroughly enjoyed their bible based training, professionalism, and knowledge of tactical and firearms training. I highly recommend them. God Bless you guys! My prayers will continually be with you as you carry out this great mandate.

Dr. Kathy Howard, Destined For Glory Church

Thank you for teaching, you and your husband were great.

See you in future classes.

Robert Miller

Absolutely love them, they are great instructors! Extremely thorough teachers!.

Chrispa Cow, Las Vegas, NV

Bill and I had a great time. I am so glad we were able to take your CCW For Church Protectors class. Sandy and Matt did a great job. We leaned so much. I personally want to thank Sandy so much for helping me at the pistol qualifications. I would not have been able to do it without you. You rock!!! Love you guys.

Bill and Susan, Las Vegas, NV 

I just completed the course and I would recommend their course to anyone wishing to carry. They were very good at explaining the laws and overall very good teachers thanks to Matt and Sandy. I will be taking more tactical courses in the future."


Patrick Ferreira, Las Vegas, NV

Five Stars!

Isaiah Ponce, Las Vegas, NV

Okay all you Las Vegans, get trained by the best!

Sandy Koven / Las Vegas, NV

I am just beginning to learn the basics of handling a gun, and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect about my private lesson—but it was great! Sandy "Robi" really emphasized safety and understanding things step-by-step. I greatly appreciated her approach of focusing the lesson practically too: I am interested in owning a gun for self-defense purposes, and she wove tactical concepts throughout the fundamentals (Did I mention her emphasis on safety?). Anyway, I look forward to continuing my tutelage with Robison Tactical.


Danielle Arceo, Las Vegas, NV

Just completed the Fundamentals of Firearms for Female class. It was the first time I've handled a firearm as an adult. Sandy and her team were professional and very patient with me and all the ladies. I thoroughly enjoyed both the class and the range time; I felt very comfortable handling the firearm. Thank-you Robison Tactical Team!


Nancy Funk / Las Vegas, NV

Matt and Sandy are excellent instructors. We took the CCW Class and we were impressed. Thanks for everything!

Tony Diaz, Las Vegas, NV

I've had 2 classes with Robison Tactical and each time I have come away with so much education! They are so knowledgeable and friendly. I have already signed up for another class.

Carla Romero, Las Vegas, NV

Sandy and her team are wonderful! So supportive and helpful! I had never held a firearm before. This class is perfect for women who want to learn and appreciate how important firearm safety is. Sandy's "Robi" first concern is safety, safety, safety and responsibility. It just takes one careless moment for tragedy to strike. I had my older daughter also take the class with me so she is aware of what it takes to handle a firearm safely in case she's ever in a situation that could put her at risk. Knowledge equals confidence. I took the class a second time because you always learn something useful and always could use reminders of anything you could be doing that's unsafe. I will take this class again and other classes that Robison Tactical offers as much as I can. It's just that important.

Susanne Ciuba-Williams, Las Vegas, NV

I just completed a female safety and introductory class. Sandy and Matt are wonderful!!! They were patient and kind. They answered all of the questions we had. She and her staff was very thorough. Even though it was my first time handling a firearm, they made me feel at ease and comfortable. I will be back for sure.

Jeanette DeJesus, Las Vegas, NV

A well defined and executed CCW class for newcomers as well as renewals. Excellent job in presentation!

Robert Rodriguez, Las Vegas, NV

An awesome time training with brother and sister in the Lord GOD. Thanks Matt and Sandy and team for a wonderful time and the effort all of you give us to be prepared! And for your prayers for my brother Ralph & family. God bless you all.

Joe Abeyta, Las Vegas, NV

Once again...Training and education is key! I'm a lot more confident and educated in handling a gun thanks to the teachings of #robisontactical #faithfamilyfirearms. Thank you Matt and Sandy Robison.

Patty Aviles, Las Vegas, NV

Great instructors.

Jordan Goldblatt, Las Vegas, Nevada

Rob and I had so much! Loved every minute of it! From the training, to the food, to great company; and of course to commend yourself to the Lord before anything! You guys are great!

Yesy R., Las Vegas, NV

I just want to say thank you so much for the church defenders class, it was awesome. Sandy and her husband Matt did an excellent job teaching and we had fun participating. When we pursue additional training we will reach out to these guys. 

God bless,

Warren & Crystal Stokes, Las Vegas, NV

The 2nd Amendment Of The United States Of America Constitution Must Be Protected. Thank you Matt and Sandy.

Pauline Zellner, Boise, Idaho

Thank you Sandy. 

I really appreciate the time you and your team spent teaching the safety and security team at the NV CCW For Church Protectors; and a big thank you for taking Sunday afternoon to accommodate us to do our Pistol Qualification.


Jason Abbott, Las Vegas, NV

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