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Nevada CCW | Renewals




American's enjoy the right that people of many other countries do not, and that is the right to own firearms legally. With this right comes great responsibility. This class is thorough with valuable information and exceeds the minimum standards mandated by law for the permit application renewal process. It is a 4-hour 'minimum' required course through the State of Nevada. 


By renewing your Nevada CCW permit, you may continue to carry a concealed firearm in 31 states (see Nevada reciprocity map below). Concealed Firearm Permits for both initial and renewal applicants are valid for a period of 5 years and can be renewed for additional 5 year thereafter by registering for a CCW renewal class. 

The renewal class is taught in conjunction with the CCW Initial applicant class beginning at the same time and ending early. Renewal applicants are welcome to stay the entire initial class. If your permit expired, you have up to 1-year from the date of your expiration to register for a renewal class with a $15.00 late fee to be paid to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department upon submission of your permit application. You legally will not able to carry a firearm concealed in the State of Nevada if your permit has expired. For this reason, we recommend that you register for the renewal class at least 6-months in advance so that you do not lapse. 

Course Includes: personal instruction in Nevada law, the changes and the updates, review state regulation and the use of force, discussion on civil and criminal issues, liability, avoiding confrontation, continued education and training, firearm use-safety-storage-ownership, state permit application, state approved B27 target for qualification and course completion certificate. Renewal applicants are exempt from taking the state proficiency exam. You will walk away from this course empowered as a safer and more responsible firearm carrying citizen. 

Renewal Pre-qualifications:​


  • Maintain ownership and lawfully possession of a firearm.

  • Expected to be familiar with the basic operation of your firearm, including the performing, manipulation such as loading and unloading, demonstrating firearm safety skill and marksmanship. 

  • Maintain the heart and the mindset to understand the responsibility of safe firearm ownership.

  • Maintain the heart and the mindset to understand what it takes to have the confidence to carry concealed in public.

  • Demonstrate safe gun handling skills during the pistol qualification course. Part of the scoring process (Pass/Fail 70%), is also handling the firearm safely. If we see that you are not, we will remove you from the live-fire course. You will need to take a safety class either with us, or bring back a certificate of completion. You will have 15-days from the date of the original CCW class to redo the firearm qualification course and pay another range fee. So, please practice before your CCW class.


NOTE:  If you are not confident in demonstrating safe gun handling skills and would like to take the Firearm Fundamentals and Safety Course, click HERE.  

Renewal Qualifications:

  • Remain a Nevada resident of Clark Count, or an out-of-state resident who received firearms training in Clark County.

  • Pay METRO appropriate fee ($66.25 subject to change) ,upon permit application submission.​


What To Bring To Class:

  • You, a black pen, $15.00 range fee (cash is most appreciated), identification (Nevada Driver's License, etc.) and Nevada CCW permit, sack lunch and favorite drink(s) for a working lunch. We will not be leaving the classroom lunch.


What To Bring To The Range:

  • You, your firearm and ammunition: 30-rounds for a semi-automatic and 25-rounds for a revolver, eye and ear protection, wear closed-toed shoes and hat for brass ricochet.



$ 60.00 - NV CCW Renewal

$125.00 - NV CCW Couples Renewal

Range Fee Discount given to former, current or retired Military and Law Enforcement, as well as current First Responders and USCCA Members. Be sure to indicate when registering. Identification must be presented or emailed prior to your scheduled class.

This course is taught by qualified instructors with outstanding qualifications. This course is a Metropolitan Police Department requirement and does not guarantee a CCW permit, as it is depends upon background investigations. 



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  • What to say - and not say - to keep yourself out of jail. Saying the wrong things could end you up in hot water.

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What States Acknowledge Nevada Concealed Carry Permit?

My State


Red States: I can not carry.

Green States: I can carry.

Yellow States: Yes, I can carry with exceptions.

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