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Tactical Pistol


Class Description

You will learn about safety, proper handling, and shooting fundamentals in an outdoor controlled range environment. Class time is focused on developing the safe handling of your firearm, including finger discipline, situational awareness, as we work on the shooter's skillset and holster competency; drawing, shooting, and re-holstering. Students take this course to learn life-saving knowledge and skills. Bring at least 100-150+ rounds of ammo. Range fees not included. A $15.00 range fee will be paid at the time of class.



Training is offered to all who: currently own a firearm, plan to own a firearm in the future, or are interested in the personal education of safe firearm handling of a firearm, within Federal, State and Local Law and Ordinances.


The goal of this course is to learn safe and proper methods of firearm handling, learn and develop new skills and improve on existing shooting skills.



$115.00  + $15.00 range fee to be paid at the time of class.

To register go to "Book Class Online".


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