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There is only one thing I like more than teaching others about firearms is the training I receive when I am being taught about firearms. I thank the Lord for the passion that He has given to both Sandy and I in making this business a ministry and an outreach."

Matt's Bio Continued

Once Sandy made the decision to start this business, I encouraged her to allow the business to be God's business and not her own. Sandy and I were on the same page in this regard. When she received her accreditation to teach HR218 LEOSA firearm qualifications and concealed carry classes (CCW) for the State of Nevada, I trained through the National Rifle Association (NRA) and completed the necessary disciplines to become a Nevada Instructor as well. Together  we teach side-by-side. We have since trained with Strategos International, Civilian Arms Training Source and Double Tap Training Center as well as the USCCA, to sharpen our skills and provide our students with continued quality training and instruction. After coming up with the concept of the "Nevada CCW For Church Protectors" class, we are now in the process of developing the "Pathway For Church Security" one-day seminar that I am excited to say, "will be ready this Summer." 

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