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I am so proud of my sister Sandy for her boldness and faithfulness in the 'calling' she has on her live.

Mike's Bio Continued

After 15 years in the nursing field, I switched gears and became a Medical Records Director, which was completely awesome as I got to crank up the music in my office. lol During the summer of 2018, I was in a very serious vehicle accident and it became too difficult to perform my responsibilities. I hung in there until winter of 2021, when my sister Sandy, offered me a job to promote her business, Robison Tactical - Faith Family Firearms. Robison Tactical is an incredibly skilled group of people that care about individual rights to protect yourself, your family and those around you. With my firearm, I'm not an easy target for criminals to take advantage of. The importance of firearm education is critical. To learn the fundamentals of owning a firearm and the safety in its use should be just as important as getting a driver's license.


I was born in Los Angeles County, California and learned to play bass at a young age. It became my passion. I have played bass with some prominent bands and musicians. I've done several recordings that have been released worldwide. Songs that have topped the CCM and The Ground Floor radio charts are "Not the Same" (Frontline) by Mad at the World and "Seeds of Sorrow" (Intense) by Rose of '93. Other songs that hit the Hard Rock and Metal charts top 20 were "Eyes of Heaven" (Frontline)  by Mad at the World in '94, "Crazy Little World" (Intense) by Rose '94 and "Into the Unknown" (R.E.X.) by Rose '95. I have appeared in four music videos such as "Broken" by Lust Greeds Envy in '09 and "Built 2 Fail" (Century Media) by Paylface in '05. Other videos include "Eyes of Heaven" (Frontline) by Mad at the World back in '94 and Death" by Rose back in '91 entitled 'Heavens Metal-Volume One'. I've made appearances on several television shows like, 'The 700 Club', 'The Leon Patillo Show', 'Real Videos' and 'Boise City Limits'. I played with two major label bands, Rose (Intense) and Mad at the World (Frontline) as well as has Bass player magazine, CCM magazine, HM magazine, Heavens Metal magazine, The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music, among others. With the metal band Rose, I played bass and recorded five albums on Intense Records, alternative rock band Mad at the World  on Frontline Records. I have recorded and toured with other notable bands and musicians, such as Lust Greeds Envy, Jagermeister band PAYLFACE, Factory Air, Oscar Ortega, House of Disciples, Gordon Knapp, Casey Corum, Brandon Dawson, Casey Bryant, Grand Prize, Stan Sinclair, The Wannabes, Abel’s Cry and Watershed.

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