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I am happy I did. I was impressed with the different classes they teach....After my CCW class, I started taking more of their courses to enhance my knowledge, safety, and training.

Mario's Bio Continued

After a year or so of training with Robison Tactical, I approached Sandy Robison about the possibilities of joining her team. I am glad I did. Not only Sandy and her husband Matt assist with my education and training, they also helped me with a few of my credentials.  Robison Tactical is a unique team; they emphasize safety in everything they do, dealing with handguns is a huge responsibility. This is a great group of people! I have met a lot of people and made friends with many of them. 

In my personal life, I am from California; I received my Bachelor of Architecture from Woodbury University, a small private business and design school in Burbank, CA. My thesis was “Wild Life, Off-Roading, and Architecture” which was designed and explored through San Gabriel Canyon in Azusa, CA.  Aside from off-roading you can find me camping over three day weekends, obstacle course racing across the US, running half and full marathons (slow and steady), or volunteering for Autism acceptance & awareness, and  local and international food banks with my family. I have over fourteen years of experience in the world of Architecture and Construction. The past eight years of my career have been focused on leadership. I am currently working as a Superintendent for a local construction company.

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