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Gun and Mag Cleaning 

Group classes
only at this time

Minimum 5 / Maximum 10

Group Fee
$25.00 per person

Gun and magazine cleaning is an effective way to become more familiar with your firearm. Booking a class with us in a family friendly environment where you can perform these necessary tasks and develop the skills to properly field strip, clean, lubricate and inspect your firearm as you understand the importance of safe gun handling. Save money and learn tricks, tips to add to your home made cleaning kits.


Cleaning and Inspecting will:

1 - Help you understand how your firearm works. 


2 - Help you to know firearm cleaning, care and maintenance.

3 - Teach you to recognize any damaged, broken, cracked or missing parts which will keep your firearm in proper  working condition.


4 - Teach you safe firearm handling skills. 

5 - Build confidence by becoming more efficient. 

6 - Build your character as a responsible firearm owner.


7 - Enhance your ability to disassemble and reassemble quickly. 


Bring your gun, one magazine and your cleaning kit. If you don't have a cleaning kit, we have plenty of cleaning supplies for your use.

Don't let not having a firearm keep you from learning. A firearm can be provided for your training needs at no charge. Firearms are on a first request basis. 

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